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Sep 3, 2014
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Hi All,

Im doing some local SEO for a client and i am really stuck as to how this website is ranking above my clients.

Client: Wired MK -
Competition: MK Sparks -


I have checked his backlinks on majestic etc and they showing at around 12 backlinks. Wired MK has 40+ depending on where you check.

I did a scan on woorank and he has a score of sub 40%
Wired MK has a score of near 50% (Low because of content quantity, domain age, social and mobile speed)

His page is not heavily optimised for SEO aside from his keyword stuffing (should i report this or is it petty?)

His website has low content and 2 reviews on G+. One bad review and one good review.

His page title is the same as Wired.

His google+ is not optimised.

Im at a loss... Is it purely domain age?

Any suggestions welcome!

p.s This is my first post be gentle :D

Hey dlmorgan,

Welcome and don't worry we don't bite and are gentle!

Not sure when I'll get a chance to investigate, but I have carpal pain so it would help me a lot if I didn't have to search, dig and guess and pull up Google UK.

Since I can't see the exact KW on that screenshot, if you could provide the link to that search result (in G UK) and links to both G+ Local listings, since they are not ranking in the pack, that would save me a bunch of hunting and guessing.

Thanks for the warm welcome Linda!

Sorry perhaps I should have mentioned both of those.

Keyword is : electrician milton keynes

On my mobile at the moment so it's not giving me the full links for the search and google+. Ill drop them on soon as I can.

Thank you
I just took a quick look at this and noticed a couple things. Someone smarter than me will have to say if any of this matters :)

1- Your client has 2 H1's- both exactly the same.
2- Your client's CSS does not verify, the competition does.
3- Client has no image tags, competition does.

For whatever reason, G seems to have a clearer picture of the competitions brand. Search for just his company name, then your clients. Here in the US I got Knowledge Panel for the competitor, but not your client. I had to search for your client's brand- plus Home Page title tag to get a very basic KP.

Hope that helps!
Thanks Ben, i'll look into those things and see what happens :D

Also the other thing about the brand is that there is a worldwide popular magazine called Wired which i think is interfering with the clients brand. I did warn him of this but i'll have to make do and see how i can get Google to understand it better. Will look into it further!

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