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Feb 23, 2015
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I have uploaded images to GMB after paying a professional photographer for new images for the business. The images are getting stuck and are not getting published.
I have contacted GMB support, opened tickets, spoken to support and the images haven't been pushed through. I've posted on Google's support forum as well.
This has been going on for a couple of months and I'm losing a bit of faith in GMB.

I've followed the recommendations for the photos so there's no issues there.

Anyone got any ideas?

See if these address your issue:

Nothing I've done has worked. Resizing, removing the profile pic as some other users have suggested on product forums. I've contacted GMB support so many times, they say "photos will go live in 24-48 hours". They never go live. They don't show live on desktop or mobile. And sometimes they appear within the "Posts" section and do not have the ability to be deleted. I didn't upload them to posts and there is no caption.
Its been super frustrating, sorry you are having this issue - you are not the only one though.
Head to the support community, post the issue with your case ID, how long it has been and NAP plus dashboard URL. PM me the community URL and I can escalate it for you.
I read on the official community forum, that these hints might be helpful:
1. If you have a logo, remove it.
2. If you haven't a logo, upload it, wait about 24h and remove it.
3. Change photos category (go to GMB panel, then photos, click on photo, click on info icon in upper right corner and select one from interior, exterior, product or team).

Nothing worked for me, but some people wrote that it helped them.

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