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Oct 4, 2018
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I have a client with 300+ GMB locations, names as “Brand Niche Location” which is part of a wider business (different niche, similar brand name) with other separate GMB listings that are named “Brand Location”. Some of the client listings are being highlighted within GMB dashboard as duplicate listings as they are being confused with the wider brand GMB listings. Having raised the issue with support (over Twitter), apart from not really dealing with the problem, and not seeming to recognise the problem, they tell me that I must remove the “Location” element from the GMB as it’s against guidelines. They have also suggested changing the address to include "unit 2". Anyone have a view on how I can get these resolved? They aren't duplicates, they are different business, but are next door to each other, in retail parks.
Hi Joy, thanks for that suggestion. Unfortunately, they and the wider business already use store codes.
Are you able to share the business name/location?
Sure go ahead.

A few questions for you (posting here so that everyone can benefit). On the listings that got flagged:

1. Do they share any of the same categories with the listing that is live on Maps?
2. Do they point to the same website URL as the one that's live on Maps?
3. Do they share the same phone number as the one that's live on Maps?
4. Do they have separate entrances and/or hours?
Answers to all:

1. No, different categories
2. No, different website
3. No, different phone number
4. Yes, separate entrances and different hours (although they are next door).

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