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Sep 29, 2014
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Guys so I am a bit of a novice - but as I understood services like infogroup express update or mozlocal "should" theoretically submit the clients profile - that would include url and pictures etc?! I am not naive but I have a submission now that is showing up as live and upon checking the links infogroup just did the bare minimum. Suggestions / comments ? How is mozlocal compared ? Ideally I'd like to the entire profile uploaded or is that asking for too much?

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ExpressUpdate (aka Infogroup) listings don't contain photos. Moz Local will push the URL to your ExpressUpdate listing, but it takes a long time. At least few weeks to a couple months, as I recall.

With Moz Local, about half the listings go live very quickly (like 48 hours), and the others come in at a trickle.
Phil - so to be clear - when you say some Moz listings will go live quickly; does this include urls and do you know if it pertains to other directories except info or were you just referring to the Moz infogroup connection or across every directory that Moz claims to insert the listing into?

I am left feeling that I will have to manually update every listing directory - which is kind of a lemon because both Moz and Infogroup more or less lead me to believe they would give a soup to nuts service. I will email and insist both give me a detailed answer and update this thread.

Can you or anyone recommend from experience solid company that will deliver the submission of the entire listing ? White sparks ?

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