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Jan 21, 2013
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While browsing around Google, I began noticing some interesting search results as you can see in the attached. When searching using the brand name of colleges like National American University or Kaplan University, underneath the organic result is a pin marker and address. However, the location for the pin marker isn't one that's local. For example, for National American University, it brings up the result located in SD but the local site links beneath are for ones located in Colorado, where I'm searching from. The knowledge graph to the right is also for the SD location. In the other example for Kaplan University, I changed my location to "Indianapolis, IN" since there are no locations in Colorado and the location for Hagerstown, MD is displayed next to the pin marker and again, the knowledge graph to the right also shows the MD location.

I'm wondering how and why the results are displaying like this? Any insight would be great!

kaplan university.jpg

national american university.jpg
Thanks for sharing hellolocal.

Don't have an answer except to say I see a lot of similar problems in the Google forum but they may not be the exact same issue.

The ones I've seen, the G+ Local pages are fine and everything on the G+ side of the house is in order, it's just that Google organic search is making the wrong match at search time.

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