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Feb 7, 2013
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Two unrelated observations about some Local Finder results that I noticed, but probably not important enough to each have their own thread.

#1 Question mark marker
Google noticed that the map location of a business is approximate, so it used a question mark on the map instead of the usual pushpin. Nothing huge, as maybe it's been around for a while, but just hadn't seen that question mark icon before.


#2 5-star rating with no reviews
In a separate Local Finder result, there's a listing with no reviews that has a 5-star rating! Nice. And I don't thnk the clickable "Write a review" is usually there. If they had reviews, it would read "[x] Google review(s)." Since reviews never really go away unless they are deleted by the user who left them, or if the user deletes his/her account (right?), I'm wondering if maybe this listing had reviews at one point, then they were removed, but there is a lag in what displays on the live listing. Oh and yes, this part of the listing looks this way in the business profile (knowledge panel) for a branded search, too.


And no, these listings are not my clients. But I wonder how the emoji in the business name is working out for the second situation.... ;)
Hey Kerry,

So for #1, I've seen this around for a while and it's a good indication that there is something wrong with the address or pin. I find that suite numbers are often the cause of this. Back in the MapMaker days we used to see that suite numbers used to constantly cause MapMaker to wrongly categorize the address fields. Usually it's because people jam them in on the first address line in GMB instead of putting them on line 2.

For the second thing, the star ratings have a slight delay so in this case the reviews likely got removed for violations and the reviews are gone but the rating hasn't updated yet. It should update in 24-48 hrs.
How anti-climactic :)

#1 - Ah yes, I recall seeing that in Map Maker.
#2 - Sure enough, they're gone when I go back to check. Thanks!

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