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Jan 30, 2018
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Hey all,

I went to suggest an edit as a user today, and noticed that the layout is different..




The method of moving the PIN is a bit annoying now, IMO, but other than that everything seems to function the same - just looks a bit different. Is anyone else seeing this?

- Cherie
I wonder if it's too much to hope that "Report a Duplicate" will work better with the new design. Probably, haha
@Phil Rozek, Huh.

I just looked, and my last edit was in October. I didn't realize it had been that long! I guess it IS the end of November now. Wow that sure flew by... thanks for letting me know :)
It was rolled out to a small % of users initially but now I'm getting it every single time and noticed that start happening a few days ago. I do a LOT of editing lol.
A related interesting question could be: does it seem as though Google is responding differently with this new UI in place?
I'm testing out the report a duplicate feature to see if the response (or lack of) has changed at all.

Something else different that I noticed, and makes me a little hopeful, is that I was provided a list of Business listings at the location, and was able to choose the location the listing is a duplicate of. And interestingly enough, that feature showed me another dup I wasn't aware of.. so if nothing else, this may be useful as another method to check for duplicates.
@Cherie Dickey, it is useful for sniffing out duplicates, for sure. It's a pity Google only seems to turn up a short list, though. Would be nice if when we picked "None of the above" Google would show even more potential duplicates.
I have had this feature for a few months now. Located in is nice for putting companies into a Regus before reporting them.
As of yesterday we are seeing this additional message after submitting the edit as well. Any guesses as to what Google means by "Report Change of Business"?

image (26).png
Hmm...I'm not certain. Maybe it's asking if the business is changing hands? As in new owners? That would make sense because when that's the case, technically the old listing should be closed because the business itself is fundamentally different under new management - the reviews are not theirs.
The report change of business opion will create two edit suggestions at once:
1. Place closed - you're suggesting that the existing business is permanantly closed
2. Place creation - you're suggesting a new place is there with the name you put in the field
@Cherie Dickey, that was my guess. It's a weird question, because it doesn't seem to affect the nature or outcome of your edit. After you choose either "report a change of business" or "fix the name," Google just says "thanks for your edit." Seems just for decoration.
@Phil Rozek, @Cherie Dickey's - Yep, it does seem the intention is to prevent people from just changing the name on a listing in a situation where it instead should be closed and a new one created in its place.

The outcome of each option differs in that 'report change of business' makes two suggestions at once when you submit (close this listing and also create a new one with the suggested name), while 'fix the name' just makes an edit suggestion to the existing listing's name, which is what we're used to.

I tested it on a listing that needed to be corrected. I chose 'report change of business' and it created these two edits in my edit history. Fortunately, they were both denied instantly.


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