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So...I just received an email letting me know that my report of the duplicate listing worked. I was all excited, and thought I saw a unicorn. Then I checked the listings, and they are not merged :/ Both are still live.

I'll check in a couple days to see what happens.
Google told me this is a test they're doing but "report change of business" is to find out if the user implied to create a new place or change the name of the existing business.
Seems like an attempt at improving the reporting systems, since we lost access to map maker I'd take anything.

@Cherie Dickey I have a lot of success with those more complicated reports by sending it to the GMB Twitter team. They recently added more support staff so you can usually get an answer in a day. If you provide them all the evidence up front they can quickly merge, move, or remove pages that are incorrect or duplicate so the issue is resolved in 48-72 hours.
Thanks @JaraMoser, I use Twitter support quite a bit. This issue with this particular duplicate was that the dup was verified, and for some reason I was not able to request ownership via the normal process. It kept either telling me I already managed it (defaulting to the correct listing I manage), or creating a new listing. Twitter was unable to help, so I tried using the report a dup feature before contacting live support.

And... it worked. I checked the listings yesterday, and the listings have indeed been merged. So - Report a duplicate feature worked for me this time. I have another client that I had the same issue with not being able to request ownership for, so I'm experimenting with that one as well.

If it works consistently, it's another option. It's not as fast as contacting Twitter, etc...but it's a work around for listings we are unable to gain access to in order to unverify for the merge.

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