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Nov 2, 2018
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Hey guys, we've been trying to transfer listing ownership to another account. Here's the backstory:
Client is a multi-location business with nearly 100 locations
They consolidated their accounts into a location group
They acquired several more businesses over the past couple of years
They are managers on the new acquisition's GMB account, but want to transfer ownership to their corporate account for central management
One of the SEOs on the account went through the normal process, and received a post card with a pin to transfer ownership
When he went into GMB to enter the new pin, there was nowhere to enter it - the field was missing and the only thing he could do was request a new one
GMB support verifies it's an actual problem, promises to get back in 48 hours, then ghosts

Anyone else running into this issue?
Hey Brett,

I have not but if you want to post it on the GMB forum, I'd be happy to escalate it to you. Google is responding to escalations but it's about a 2 week turnaround time right now, so not wonderful.

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