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Nov 19, 2015
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I know Google has always created Maps listings from data obtained from elsewhere but is it getting more aggressive doing this?

I have numerous websites set up for various projects.

Although they are not actual businesses I always put my full business address on them and have a page saying *** is a division of ***

I'm finding more and more often that Google is creating My Business Listings for these which puts me in a dilemma, do I just leave them unclaimed or claim them?

Anyone else noticing this and what would you do, claim them or leave them unclaimed?
Might as well claim them if people can find them by typing in your business name.

It's not when typing in my business name, it's when typing in the main name I have used for the site or even sometimes just the URL.

The problem with claiming them is I could end up with multiple listings all using the same address as my actual business which will look it like I am spamming Maps.
Hi, I'd report them as duplicates of your main business listing... maybe that way they get merged and algorithms learn there's only one legitime listing there.
Likely new listings are actually made by owners themselves or the voluntary Google Local Guides (ordinary people). The latter is a point based system for achievements, real and virtual.

As an owner, claim one business only. Duplicates are likely a bug, black-hat activity or an over zealous local guide who couldn't find your business and added it. It's easier to create a duplicate than you think.

After you claim your own business - TAKE ONE ONLY, don't claim the others. Post and update the main account. Take photos and post (as an individual) and upload them to the correct account, encourage reviews to the correct business.

Report the other business as duplicates.

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