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Sep 30, 2021
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Hi all,

We have a client who is in the healthcare industry. I'm aware that as far as Google is concerned, we should keep the name consistent across all listings such as "My HealthCare Service Ltd".

However, we've noticed an interesting dilemma and would love to get people's thoughts on it. In the UK, certain care providers are monitored by the official body knows as the Care Quality Commission, and it's possible/required for each location to have a listing on their website so that that public can obtain the latest certifications/quality reports, etc.

As I understand it, the Care Quality Commission structure their data slightly differently. You can setup a company "My HealthCare Service Ltd", and then you can setup "Services" - each of which actually relates to a different location. We don't have access to the admin area for this, but it appears that the location name is different to the company name.

For example (Note: This is not our client) this listing for a company called "Associated Wellbeing Limited" has a location name of "The Lighthouse": The Lighthouse - Care Quality Commission

The dilemma comes from this next aspect - many sites use the feed from the CQC website. Some will render the location name as the company name. This can result in inconsistencies in NAPW data as some sites will subsequently render the company name as "The Lighthouse".

By the same token, the SERPs on the CQC site itself, will render "The Lighthouse" for that record which isn't as well optimised as some of the other records on that site such as "Cantwell Healthcare, Wimpole Street". Others have put their full business name in the location such as "Cime Dentistry Limited". I wonder if these are different approaches to combat that issue.

Has any one experience of this specific issue, and any suggestions on how to approach this?

I'm tempted to use the format [company name] - [location identifier], so it would look like this regardless "My HealthCare Service Ltd - Glasgow", "My HealthCare Service Ltd - London", or where there are multiple in a single location, "My HealthCare Service Ltd - Baker Street"


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As far as I know, Google doesn't necessarily care about the business name in GBP too much. As long as you are giving users accurate information to what the business is referred to in the real world, I think it's ok add location keywords to help make the names consistent with what the Care Quality Commission and the website show.

Apple does a similar situation to what you describe with their listings Apple store

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