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Aug 12, 2020
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Hi All!
Our clients are receiving this solicitation recently. We are looking for any feedback on the legitimacy of their claims:

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@wehrlse1, not on-command like that. So-called services like that can't do anything more than the rest of us can, which is to flag reviews and hope Google removes a sliver of them. Google doesn't remove many reviews other than the obviously-egregious ones (and even lets too many of those stay up).

It's a scam.
There are lots of services available like this but better you just sort out the problem of that reviewer.
If the review is fake just report it. Not just review but you can report his entire profile if the account is fake too.
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Additionally, if you flag it and Google support will not remove it you can come to the GMB Community for another look. Also, beware of companies like this, if you reply to them with a "no thanks" they can review bomb you and then go the extortion route to remove the reviews they leave.
Thank you so much! This is so helpful! I thought it was a scam as well, but I was unsure. Thank you so much. We will advise our clients.

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