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Sep 5, 2016
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Hello Everyone

I was wondering if anyone has ever come across this issue before as it has effected me twice in two weeks

Basically I run the digital marketing for hotels and conference venues.

Some of them are landmarks in the given towns and city's as a result a number of transit stops (both rail and bus) carry the same name as the venues I manage and are in close proximity. This has meant that people have reviewed the transit stops instead of the business, some to such an extent that they now both come up when brand searching meaning the one box does not appear

As a first step I have now started reaching out to the transit companies and asked them to change the names of the stops so I can update them on google maps

Just wondering if anyone else has come across this issue and any other steps I should be taking


Hi Callum, GMB support should be able to move the reviews over if they are clearly left on the wrong listing. Just put a document together with the evidence and send it to Twitter support or post to the GMB forum.
Hello @Colan Nielsen

Thanks for getting back cool I will try on twitter as phone support said they could not do it as it was a different point of interest and deserved its own reviews

I will let you know how I get on with twitter
The review content needs to be clear that it is for the hotel specifically in order for Google to move them. That's the challenge.
Hello @Colan Nielsen , I am currently following up on this using the GMB support form, however it has been about a week since I have heard anything back after having about 4 interactions from google on this topic do you think it might be worthwhile using the Redressal form or just continue as already doing ?

I say this as it is the names of the nearby locations that are causing the error that I am trying to resolve
If you want to post a thread at the GMB forum and send me the link I will ask Google to take a look at it for you.
Thanks @Colan Nielsen

I will be in touch next week if I keep hitting a brick wall with regards to the normal channels of support

Thanks again for your help

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