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Nov 20, 2019
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Hey everyone,

I'm sure you've all seen by now that BrightLocal has launched its own podcast, Adventures in Local Marketing. I just wanted to share our latest episode with you all here as it features none other than Sterling Sky's Jason Brown!

In this episode Jason discusses the dangers of GMB spam, how best to tackle it, the latest tricks spammers are pulling, and how he got into spam-fighting in the first place. It's a really great listen and Jason is always full of great insights so I'd highly recommend taking a look when you get a chance.

Happy listening, folks :D
Jason Brown on Becoming the Spammer's Public Enemy #1
July 22, 2020

We’re back with our second episode of ‘Adventures in Local Marketing’ and this time we’re talking spam, spam, and more SPAM, with Jason Brown.

Jason is the leading expert on all the shady things that go down in local SEO, so we wanted to find out:
  • What kinds of tricks spammers are pulling
  • How Jason goes about getting spam eradicated
  • Why spam has real-world dangers way beyond manipulating rankings
  • Why Jason decided to specialize in spam fighting
So grab your headphones and saddle up as we take a tour of the darker side of local marketing with the ‘Sheriff of Google’.

Listen to the episode

Jason Brown is @keyserholiday here on the Local Search Forum.

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