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Larry - The easiest way to install JSON markup is through Google Tag Manager, which will fire on every page. Alternatively I've put it in the header or footer (sitewide elements) before I started using GTM to fire the code. However you decide to do it, just check it with Google's structured data testing tool to be sure you implemented correctly.

*Multi-location businesses should be treated separately*
Thank you Eric, I will install it into the header of my theme. The Google tag manager seems a little bit complicated for me. I work on clients sites, mostly on my local machine i development mode.
I don't think it matters, but Google's recommended standard is JSON-LD, and google tag manager uses microdata. It's a small piece that shouldn't discourage anyone from using tag manager, but I thought it was worth mentioning. If you're comfortable with a little bit of code, JSON-LD's much easier to manage as well, since it's a single block instead of random code spread through the page.
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I don't think it matters, but Google's recommended standard is JSON-LD, and google tag manager uses micro tagging...

Hey James: I'll confess that I while I understand and use JSON-LD, I don't know what micro tagging is. Can you clarify that for me? Thanks!
No worries Tim, that was a mistype on my end. I meant Microdata. Google's little writeup on all that is here. The pertinent spot is halfway down the page, a table describing JSON-LD, microdata, and RDFa. Microdata is likely just going to be a historical footnote before too much longer though, so it's not something you really need to know.
I will add that Bing does not accept JSON at this time. At least they have not publicly stated they accept JSON soon.

Here is the markup helper doc for Bing -

I tested a few sites with their markup helper (in Bing Webmaster Tools), and it only returned OG tagging. Hopefully someday Bing will accept JSON-LD.

As James said, JSON is significantly easier to manage & implement. I don't know why Bing can't get in line on this one.
Similar to Bing, Pinterest does not pick up JSON markup either. If you are looking to create a rich pin on your website you need to use schema or open graph.
Just checked out the JSON formatting - excellent!

And the Lat/Long locator is a nice touch :)

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