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Aug 23, 2014
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In case you didn't hear, Google is releasing a broad update to their core algorithm today.

What are you guys seeing thusfar?
I saw this great article on the "Scroll Pak" that Google is testing right now in San Francisco. It's a really good article. No promotion at all on my part, but I believe you'll be seeing more about this very soon. It could have something to do with the changes you speak of Joy. In all sincerity you should check it out.
I'm not seeing much yet, but it can take up to a week or more for Google to fully roll these out.

Unfortunately, my primary tracking tool Ahrefs only updates every 3 days. So, I'm doing it the old fashioned way for now.
I can confirm we're seeing impact for some clients. This one was an attorney who was negatively impacted by the March Core Update. We're seeing a lot of positive movement in the local rankings (Maps column).

Barry Schwartz has a nice post over at Search Engine Land on the winners and losers of this latest Google update in early analyses, and the results appear to be significant:

RankRanger. RankRanger sent us some data via email and posted a summary on Twitter. RankRanger measures the US search results and Mordy Oberstein from RankRanger clarified this update is still rolling out and they want to run the numbers again next week. But here is the early numbers from them.


“The gambling niche was hit hard as were the health and finance niches (though the update was/is impactful across the board),” Mordy Oberstein from RankRanger said. According to their data, it seems that while many sites fluctuated up/down the search results pages tended not to move a massive number of positions.

SearchMetrics. Marcus Tober from SearchMetrics told us while he is still working on the data “my preliminary analysis is that parts of the core update from March were reverted.” He added that this was “not systematically. It seems though that Google changed some factors to brand/authority too much in March and this is what was reverted. Especially in the medical space like a or that lost, gained back their visibility.”

Anything new on the topic?

A client of mine dropped like a rock. He lost 34% of his positions, according to SEMrush. capture1.PNG

I've been working on this site for 2 years. It went from 700 positions on page one, to 3500 ONLY AND BY NOTHINGE ELSE but blogging regularly. We publish 3 articles per month of about 2000 words each.

So far the trend has been up month after month.


The site is innocent like a baby, there is no reason to be penalised whatsoever. It has an excellent backlink profile with lots of organic backlinks from great websites. But it is poorly optimised. I never managed to convince the client it is important. He just wanted articles.

What would you make of that?
Hard to know without details.... But maybe it's not (solely) due to the Core Update, but the also the Diversity Update? With many blog posts, there could be overlapping content pages on the site. This could have seen multiple pages of the site ranking under the same query. If Google is now only showing one result per site, this may explain some of the drop. (Just putting it out there as an idea to look at.)
Hi, there!
Mobile Score Google PageSpeed Insights has got strong correlation with sites penalized by June Core Update.
Check Links in Google Search Console. If you see .cf, .ga, .gq, .ml, .tk send them to disavow file.
My research (lang - ru).

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