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Sep 11, 2012
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Got 2 calls from Google Map this morning. Phone no from caller id is 650-253-2000 which is Google.

1st call, bad intro(can you help me? I am calling from Google Map), trying to say Concrete Contractor but he couldnt say it right few time, so I said Correct, that is one of our services..Sounds very scammy telemarketing..Really bad call..couldn't believe Google using this kind of s@#t call center.

2nd call after 1st call(like 2 min later) - different guy..Same thing trying to verify address..again little better than 1st person but, he said business address, I said that is correct, then he hang up just like 1st caller..

What a crap call that was..just hang up on me say nothing..and I see many business got de-listed after these crap calls..Is Google Trick Local business owners?

I can't Believe Business Listing is depends on These kind of phone calls..I saw business listing gone after those crappy calls.

anyone have similar experience?
I have had nothing but frustrations with the Indian call centers. This is partially due to the language barrier as well as staff not understanding Google's policies. It has improved a bit, but still frustrating. Wait times have been much longer as well. I usually just tell them I'm the owner and things seem to move much better as I get directed to the "Potential Revenue Department".
Gees..My listing just got updated after phone calls - We have legit office which can serve customers but now listing is Service at Customer location..

I just amazed Google used these kind of call center/callers and they have power to adjust/kill business listing..

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