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Jun 12, 2014
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Hi All!

I'd like to get your input on the benefits of using a KML vs. KMZ files. In the past, I have seen articles saying that it helps rankings in the 7 pack. Those articles are really old, and I haven't heard or seen much else surrounding this topic lately, so I was hoping to get some feedback from those who may have experience in this area.

Would KMZ help, or waste time? Is KML good enough? Do neither do anything for SEO anymore? I know geo sitemaps fell out of favor a while back, have they been replaced by the geo coordinates in schema?
Great Q to raise. Thanks Christa!

I've wondered as well. Because like you said, in the past it was said to improve ranking but now you don't hear much about it. Maybe it went the way of the dinosaur, and the my maps, and some of the other ranking tricks that no longer work???

I'm not sure. But I'll Tweet it and share with the Pro Community and see if we can get a discussion and some opinions flowing!
I quit hearing the local SEO's i follow talk about KML files more than a couple years ago. So it kinda fell off my radar. I can't say that I'm even aware of kmz. I wonder what Phil and Darren think?
I don't know how helpful they are, but if you're going to use them, the proper procedure is to use a KML file and then refer to it in your XML sitemap.
I still use KML files but that's mainly because old habits die hard...

If you want to do some competition research you can see if Google has indexed a KML file of your competitors by simply doing a site search like: kml kmz

Just a thought if you wanted to check out some specific examples. I haven't been seeing a lot lately though.
Like I said in the Google group, I'm very skeptical this is a relevant ranking tactic. It seems like something that is good to talk about, but lacks relevant, significant, companion data proving it works. Kinda like the local business Schema markup.

I am much more concerned about a location sitemap (XML & HTML) and proper interlinking between location/geography pages for multi-location businesses.

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