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Oct 11, 2019
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I have been seeing an interest trend with a few of my clients and was wondering if anyone has experience anything similar. Over the past few weeks a I noticed a few clients rankings had significantly dropped in organic for specific cities. Something like plumber in town. We also rank track for some of these customers outside the town they are located in to include the surrounding towns they want to rank for. When we first began working with these clients after we build the city pages the ranking for those pages consistently increase until they ranked pretty high. Then, we noticed the significant drop the client started ranking in maps in those other towns. So, the question is, has anyone seen this pattern where a business won’t rank organically AND on maps but really one of the other?

Hey @jmshap!
If you aren't already familiar with the Google update that was dubbed the "Vicinity Update", you may want to read these articles as it may explain some your the Local/Map Pack ranking issues:

In regards to the organic ranking changes, if you aren't already aware of the recent "Google Helpful Content Update", you may want to read this article and follow this post:

The Google Helpful Content update may have occurred after you noticed your SERP drop, so this may not be applicable. The update hasn't finished rolling out and is expected to take another week or so before the rollout is complete. Even if not the current cause for your SERP drop, it potentially could impact your city pages in the near future.

Also, it may be helpful to know how you are tracking your rankings. Hope some of this is helpful!

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