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Sep 12, 2012
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I think this is a symptom of a much larger problem. Here is the SERP:

Notice that all listings have the "People also search for" listing except for F. This is a client and I've had a lot of trouble with him and ranking in the local pack.

We had some address confusion that kept us out of the pack until about June of 2014. In June, MapMaker did a refresh and got our address "unstuck" more or less. When that happened, we flew up to #2 for all of our keywords in the local pack.

Then, dun dun dun! Pigeon came in and jumbled everything up again.

Since Pigeon, we have dropped out of the local pack for our main keywords (about 16) except for about 3 of them. Our maps ranking is hanging around the #9 to #16 area while our organic rank among businesses is anywhere from #3 - #6.

About a month ago, one day we flew up the charts again and ranked for all 16 of our main keywords in about the #3 to #4 area in the local pack. The next day? Fell out.

Here's my theory, poke some holes please:

1) We're under some type of Google Maps penalty or we're not "connected" somehow. I think the omission of the "People also search for" is telling. Something seems to be wrong.

2) I also have a hunch that when Pigeon refreshes, it lets us back in the pack for a bit until it runs the "filter" and recognizes our Maps penalty. Hence, the sudden ranking jump and then plummet. I am assuming a Pigeon "refresh" and do not know that to be true.

I had a client once (Pre-Pigeon) that just dropped out of the local pack one day, going from #1 to not being anywhere on the list. I went into the dashboard, poked the listing, checked back and there it was again. Good. I go back and check it an hour later, gone. I danced with this listing for about an hour and then removed, of all things, the business name from the description. I check back. It popped up of course and then? It stayed. Craziest thing I had ever seen.

That's what makes me think there could be a refresh and when the refresh happens, listings escape out. When they do, a filter is run soon after and they drop if they are in violation.

Anyways, I'd like to hear what others think, if on nothing else than when is "People also search for" missing for that listing?

I was able to get the addresses unhidden and it looks like it may have temporarily solved itself.

Will update later with ranking increase/decrease.

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