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Apr 21, 2014
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Wow, did I ever inherit a mess. Here's the situation... A large construction company, which I'll call Acme, has the following:
  • 12 listings in their GMB dash (I've identified five as dupes)
  • At least two others not in their GMB dash
  • They have several divisions which don't appear to be independent corporations (Acme Plumbing, Acme Heating & Cooling, Acme Solar, Acme Constructors, Acme Electric, etc.)
  • They use three addresses that are adjacent to each other
  • They all use the same phone number and generally link to the same website from their GMB listing
What would you do? Are they eligible for separate listings? Could I list them as departments?
They would only be allowed to be departments if they had unique signage and entrances/sections in the business. IE: Geek Squad inside Best Buy.
Thanks, Joy. Most of them should meet that criteria, since they are spread across multiple buildings. Do you think sharing the same phone number and/or linking to the website homepage would be a barrier to getting Google to allow for department listings?
I would suggest having different numbers and landing pages to avoid Google automatically merging them. It's very likely that will happen with your current scenario.
That confirms my suspicions. Thanks for taking the time to respond and for everything you do for the local SEO community.

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