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Jan 9, 2018
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I am analyzing the website that takes position one for my client attorney's best keyword phrase. I note the winning lawyer has a little insert titled ""Legally reviewed by" on the homepage and it gives a brief description of the lawyer with a "read more" link to his profile on another page of the site. Started looking around I found a few more lawyer websites in different niches and geo areas with the same thing. I am assuming this is an attempt to improve E.A.T. for the page, and it seems a bit silly: of course the lawyer has reviewed her on webpage information! But it got my thinking whether something like this could help my attorney client improve his ranking.
I would suggest trying it and see what happens. Personally, I wouldn't expect it to do anything but you never know without testing.
I have seen for personal injury lawyer + location and they are ranking somewhere on the first 3 pages of Google SERP.

Interesting to try as @JoyHawkins suggested.

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