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Jan 29, 2014
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Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I'd like to ask a question. I was checking out our citations and noticed that there are many sites/directories list our mailing address(PO Box) as our primary address. We've tried to fix as much as we could, but I don't think we can do all. So the question is, if on our contact page we add the PO Box as our mailing address along with our physical address will that solve the duplicate problem? What would be the best approach?

Thanks in advance,
Hi Art,

I'd fix the ones you can and only have the current physical local address on contact us.
The address that's in the Places dash.
Thank you Linda!

I've also sent you a direct message, please could you check you mailbox?

All the best,
Hi Art,

Sorry don't know what you mean by direct message. I don't have a PM, or email or voicemail from you. Where did you leave me a message??? And what name did you use in case it's a different name than your user name?

FYI I'm swamped and then will be gone most of day so if it takes time for me to get back with you that's why.
Hi Art, I think I just found you buried in my inbox, sorry.

Replying now.

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