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Apr 15, 2013
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Hi i have noticed that every time we update a address via Google places bulk uploader (via edit your data file) not the actual excel sheet.

We change the address, however the listing does not go into pending.

So it's as if the listing had updated without going to pending.

However if you go to the actual listing itself, the address had not changed.

Should we first delete the listing, then recreate a brand new one with a new address as it seems updating the listing address is not working.

I don't do too much with bulk, but I would try reaching out to Google via phone support.

You have done the correct procedure for when a business moves, so there must be a back-end issue that's preventing the new address from showing live.

Did you double check to see if Google split off a new listing with the new address?
That's interesting. We recently updated the address of a listing from the back end of an old Places dash and didn't have to re-verify and the account is not pending.

Yet...the live listing still shows the old address. A case for phone support I assume?
Was it a big move? Like across town? If so have you checked to see if Google created a new listing?

If not, then yes I'd call support.
Hi Linda,

The move was 18 miles away in a neighboring city. I don't see any duplicates as of now. Guess I'll have to call support about it. Either that, or I was thinking of poking the listing in hopes that it might update.

Changes in the old dash are taking forever to never to go live.

I'd call support. Not sure pokes work any more cuz the back end is just so crippled.

Please let us know how it goes and if they say anything of interest.
Okay, I'll call support and let you know if they say anything of interest.


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