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Jul 26, 2012
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do you have information on listing diagnostic tools for International markets (similar to Yext)? Looking for something not US-based and that can be used in France, Italy, Spain markets. Any inputs would be appreciated!

Sorry geoseo, my pea brain has a hard enough time keeping up with all the US options BUT we have lots of pros from all over the world that hopefully will see this and weigh in with some options.

Any suggestions guys?
It could be a problem. I think in Europe every country has it's own valuable citiation sites. Maybe only hotfrog or kafito are Europe-wide.
exactly Jacek, not easy.
It would be useful for those of us operating in Europe to create an inventory of sources for citation sites and
listing diagnostic tools.
And we may use Linda's local search forum pages to collect inputs for different intls ;)
I don't find it useful myself. My employees speak English and Finnish and that's why I focus on Polish and US SEO. I got some clients to be optimized in Germany but I just don't like "sprechen Deutsch"

I haven't checked many directories in US but most of them don't allow non-US zipcodes. If you have any that allow European listings I would be glad to check them :)
Hi Guys,

We tend to focus on clients just here in the UK, but for Euro-wide citations I think Qype, Yelp and TripAdvisor would be worth a look at.

If other countries in Europe are like here then there are a handful of data aggregators (Infoserve, LocalDataSearch) which are good starting points and then we move on to more specific local and niche sites. Something like Yext would certainly be useful here in Europe, but we still prefer to just build citations manually.


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