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Apr 15, 2013
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Hi Guys,

I have a Google places listing which is not triggering for keyword specific to its geographic location on Google (see screenshot 1) The store is located in the CBD close to store B on the map. So it should be triggering on the first page of Google for the keyword term.

Listing url:

Screenshot 1

However when you click and go to google maps the store appears on the map.

Screenshot 2

Google should be listing the store on the first page and on the actual maps. Store C AND A (on screenshot 1) shouldn't even be triggering for the keyword term, since they are not in the CBD.

How can i get Google to do this?

I have tried contacting them about it with no response.

Any suggestions or ideas?


Whats CBD?

The listing is disconnected in blended and only ranking in organic. That's usually due to a penalty or dupe but I don't see any dupes.

1) May be penalized for having city in the name on the Place page. The other stores in that chain don't include city. Their names are correct. And it does not appear city is officially in the name. Could be penalty at search time but more importantly this violation is the #1 reason listings get suspended.

2) The address is a problem. Address needs to just be address, can't add "Corner Creek Street & Edison Lane" but not sure if it would cause a ranking penalty.
Hi Linda,

CBD is a abbreviation of central business district.

Sorry not sure what you mean by - "The listing is disconnected in blended and only ranking in organic".


1) Might be, i will make the removal. But i don't think that will cause this issue.


2) The address is there 307 Queen St, Corner Creek Street & Edison Lane is in address line 2. Its to help customers better find the store. Which i think its fine as Google mentions on this page:

A second line for the street address of the business. You can also include information like mail boxes, suite numbers, cross streets, and other non-essential address information. (Maximum 80 characters)

So i doubt its received a penalty for that. But who knows.


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