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Sep 29, 2015
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Do any of the listing management services like Yext offer control over which directories they push your data to? I know this is not possible in InfoGroup's ExpressUpdate. Wondering because I have a home business where I want to list on directories that hide your address, but on those that don't have that option I want to try to push my PO Box address out to them. Yes, you can do this manually but some of the directories like Whitepages and to name a couple, don't allow direct submit. Whitepages you have to go through Infogroup (Express Update) and makes you go through Yext.

-- edit -- appears Yext lets you pick individual sites but you must pay for them. I know you can claim your free Yahoo listing, looks like not possible with other sites on Yext?

-- edit -- Here's page for (making some progress!)
FYI - Moved your post to citations since that's really what you're referring to. That way, you'll get more eyes on it.
I wouldn't use a PO Box at all, even just for citations where you can't hide your address. Because you're hiding your address on other citations, only the PO Box citations will be visible and Google will actually think your address is the PO Box even though you've told it different in the Google My Business dashboard. Because of this, you won't rank well at all.

If you don't want to show your home address, really the only thing to do is to sign up for the directories that allow hiding of your address and that's it.
I think Whitespark and Bright Local let you choose directories a la carte. I'll also second what Joshua said and don't use a PO box. You're only setting yourself up for a bigger headache when you need to clean up that mess later.

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