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Nov 27, 2012
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Hello Linda,
My Google Places listing was placed under review about 4 weeks ago due to the fact that I did not hide my address as I was serving my customers at their location. I hid my address and resubmitted for review. The dashboard was changed from "pending review" to "active" last week. However, my listing does not show up when you search for "garage door repair San Clemente, Ca.". A screen shot of my dash board is attached.

Thank You in advance for your help,


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Re: listing shows active in dashboard, not in search

Hi Ed,

Thanks for posting.

That file isn't really a screen shot of dashboard or what I need. But in trying to find you, I only find your Irvine listing. Your site lists the address that's in the dashboard and does not mention an Irvine office.
So what's the Irvine location?

You said your listing was put in reviews 4 weeks ago? About when was your listing deleted - right about that same time? When did you hide address?

When you said you resubmitted for review, did you use this link?
My listing has incorrect information. If so when?

What did support say when they replied?
The irvine address is located at 5405 Alton Pkwy. That address is also hidden in the dashboard under a different G mail address.
The San Clemente listing was deleted on 10-29-12 and I immediately hid the address and resubmitted using the " My listing has incorrect information link" on 11-2-12.
Posted a thread on the Google and your business forum on 10-31-12 and no one responded.
Google support never responded.
Ed, sorry you have not gotten a reply. They normally reply in 1 - 2 weeks.

It's been over 3 weeks, so I guess you could try again?

Let me just confirm because the data you sent me in that file only showed address. But I assume in dash the phone is the same one as on the web site, correct?
Yes. The phone number in the dash board is the same as the website. Would it be possible to escalate this to Jade. Thank You so much!!
I was just double checking something.

In the text file you posted address from dash is:
American Empire Door - 309 Zorro Vis - San Clemente CA 92672

Can you check dash? Is that how the street is listed or did something get cut off when you copied. Because that's not a valid street. Shouldn't it be Vista? I ask because even though it's a home address and you have to hide it, it still has to be listed correctly in dash or it can complicate things.

I'm really sorry but this does not qualify as a case I can escalate to Jade. Please try the troubleshooter again. Be sure you are logged into the right account for this listing and be sure to check your spam filter for emails from Google. Let us know how it goes.
When I set up the listing the street name was entered as Zorro Vista. It was corrected by Google to Zorro Vis in the dash. I do get a lot of mail with the Zorro Vis instead of Zorro Vista streel name.
Should I correct the stree name and and resubmitt but then I have to verify my mail again?

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