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Jul 22, 2013
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Thought this might give a few of you a good laugh. This new local finder is a basket case.

Did a search for hotels in my area. Out of the top 7 listings that came in the Local Finder, only TWO are places people could actually stay & sleep.
<a href=""><img class="embeddedObject" src="" width="700" height="705" border="0" /></a>

Someone needs to tell the PHD's in the US that in Australia (and elsewhere in the world) a hotel does not necessarily mean beds. Clearly the algo is putting much too much emphasis on business name and not enough from the websites, descriptions, reviews, etc.

To be fair it's getting better, but it has a loooong way to go.
In my first experience with the LF, when I was looking for a local restaurant it decided that despite the fact I'm in Cheltenham Australia, I must surely be looking in Cheltenham UK. At least it gets the location better :p
That made me laugh Margaret!

I imagine trying to get a bed at the 'bottleo' would result in you going home in the paddy wagon :) (but maybe the cat resort could rustle up a spare cat bed??)

It is certainly a work in progress that's for sure.
Haha. Really only one is hotel. That 2nd to last one is an apartment, so could not even book a 2 night stay.
Silly Google!
Too funny!

I must say though, The Royal Oak Hotel certainly sounds like a place that would have lodging to me :)
That's the beauty about Aussie English Colan - sometimes what it sounds like isn't what is actually meant :)

Most of our pubs are called 'hotels' (apparently because of old alcohol license laws) and any bedrooms they might have would probably be completely uninhabitable.

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