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Jul 17, 2013
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I Have the same problem someone else mentioned earlier about my listing now showing above the local 7 pack as an organic listing.

Little background, called google to update address to new address, google forced transition to plus, disappeared from front page. Changed listing back to places, Listing returned to spot b for about a week, now looks like we have been pushed back to plus and the listing is not in the 7 pack but shows organically above. Here is my plus listing:

Best search term is Carpet Cleaning when searched from chico, ca. Also Carpet Cleaning chico is a term I show b for.

Any insight would be helpful, also I may need again have patience.
"Also Carpet Cleaning chico is a term I show b for"

For me that one's not in pack either. It's below pack in organic, a few down.

Repeating name, city and KWs too many times in the Places description I think can trip a filter. In your case your KWs are also in your name.

Name: Modern Carpet Cleaning
Main KW: Modern Carpet Cleaning

The best Carpet Cleaning company in Chico. We use a 10 step carpet cleaning process that will get your carpets cleaner and clean them in a way that they stay clean Longer!

So 9 out of 30 words are KW repetition, almost 30%.

I just had a quick minute, so that's all I had time to post about. Hope that helps.

FYI I've seen listings jump right back in the pack after cleaning up. But a couple I've seen the penalty lingered.

But since Google did something with your listing it's possible there something else going on. That's just all the time I have to look into it.

Anyone else have ideas?
I just quickly looked, but I believe your website links to a G+ page with a different address. Could be getting signals all screwy.
Good catch Ross! The G+ link on your site goes to your OLD Place page that is closed - that's at the old address.
I saw the same thing in Australia at the end of last week. And the listing is still #1 organic and above the Local Pack. For a highly competitive hotel related search term.

Just an interesting event
thank you for looking into my issues and I appreciate the input. I changed the link to plus and waiting to have it crawled again

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