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Oct 13, 2014
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I have a dental client been working with for a few months. Before I go into all the details I thought I'd ask a quick initial question:

Up until a few days ago, he was ranked #8-10 organic for "city" + "dentist" kw but was way down around 40-50 in maps. He changed addresses over 2 years ago, but the previous seo guy doesn't seem to have cleaned up that data. I've been slowly chipping away and have most of the major citations updated, but there are still a lot out there, mainly on lesser quality sites from what I could tell.

So the question is, would that address discrepancy alone be enough to keep him out of the pack? I can't see any other problems, but will give all the details if people think there's something else going on.

Hi Tony,

The NAP Issue could definitely be the root cause of the local ranking struggles.

Can you share the business details and the previous address details?

Hi Colan, thanks for the response. Here are details on the business:

Stonebridge Dental
6633 Eldorado Pkwy, Ste 100
Mckinney, TX 75070
McKinney Dentist | Stonebridge Dental, McKinney TX, Invisalign

Old location
4150 Eldorado Pkwy, Ste 300
Mckinney, TX 75070

Google page:

Just dropped in organic to #22 as of this week, no idea why, so any suggestions there would be appreciated, too. We were #8-10 for "mckinney dentist" for the past 2-3 months and haven't changed much of anything. The rest of page one looks mostly unchanged.
Any other suggestions on this? Does it look like a NAP issue is causing it? If so, any ideas on how long it'll take to improve?

As I mentioned, I've been cleaning it up on most of the main directories at least 2-3 months now, what's left is mostly smaller directory sites.
Hi Tony,

There are so many variables that come into play in a situation like this as you are dropping in maps and organic. As for citations, Continue to clean things up. I did find another phone number 972-562-1122 for the old location and Localeze is showing that. Do an audit for that old address and Phone to see what needs to get cleaned.

Also, Panda 4.2 did start rolling out on the day you said things dropped. Log into your G.A. for this account and go over to the Penguin Tool by Barracuda to see if anything stands out.

Is Google crawling you ok?
Did you drop for other keywords or just the one listed above?
Great tips. Thanks Justin!

This may be a big issue.

1st off, you gave us the G+ L page for the old location but not the new one?

Can you give us a link to the new page? Carpal pain prevents me from being able to search, click and copy/paste.

Check MM: Google Map Maker

1) There is a dupe for Cynthia. One is at the old address.

2) I don't know if any of those practitioner listings are claimed OR minimized because I can't do the research to try to find them. But practitioner listings can def hurt practice ranking if not handled right.

If you can post all the direct links to those pages for me I'll take a look.
Thanks for the input Justin. Yes, am still working on citation cleanup, but that old # 972-562-1122 is not widespread, mainly on lesser directories, just like the old address. I deleted the Localeze entry a while back and don't see it now, not sure where you're seeing it.

Was not aware of Panda 4.2, but don't see much drop in traffic, and this week the site seems to have bounced back to #10 organic.

Oh dear, I just checked again and see that Google is now showing the short stack for dentists :(

Linda, the G+ page I gave is for the current address. I deleted the old one months ago. The others are practitioner pages, which I've minimized (don't include the practice name, links to "about dentist" page on website, etc), I don't believe they're an issue, and I don't think there are any other dupes on Google.

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