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Sep 12, 2012
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I'm looking at finally :) taking the plunge into showing up at some of the local search events/conferences this year. Need to network!

Which ones you will personally be at?
Mozcon is the next one I'm speaking at.
I don't think all the speakers are listed yet but I believe there will be at least 3-4 solid Local Search sessions. I also really enjoyed Pubcon last year. They won't be announcing speakers though for a few more months. That one is in October.

The best conference for Local SEO is LocalU but they just had their event in February so there might be another in the fall of 2019 or early 2020.
I can certainly vouch for LocalU as well. I have attended the last two that took place in Santa Monica and they were an excellent value in terms of both cost and time invested.
I'll 2nd Mozcon, after attending SMX/SMX Advanced several times I found Mozcon had some really fantastic sessions that had advanced tactics and information I wouldn't find in a Google search.

We also attend the Advanced Search Summit in Napa since that is pretty local to us.
@JoshuaMackens I went to my first local seo conference in Santa Monica. It was LocalU. I really liked it. It was only one day, but now it motivated me to go to more conferences. Looking on the site, seems like there is another happening in Austin.

I'm in the process of booking for Mozcon! Always happy to meet fellow SEO's on this forum!!
I've been to LocalU in Santa Monica for each of the past two years and it was terrific.

I suppose I should get out more. Maybe I'll try one more this year.

If I could choose only one more, which should it be? @JoyHawkins ? @Colan Nielsen ? Thoughts?
I'd go with either Mozcon or Pubcon. They tend to have a good variety of topics and I enjoy attending sessions that aren't always 100% tiered to local topics because I can usually still learn quite a bit.
Man, these conferences are super expensive.

Any tips to get cheaper pricing? Early bird?
Man, these conferences are super expensive.

Not only are the conference registration fees very expensive, but also the expense of travelling to them and hotel and meal costs have to be figured in as well.

Oof! 🙁

I might be able to get you a discount. Which one are you thinking of going to?
SMX East looked interesting.

I also will probably attend Local SEO ones but I think the next one from LocalU is next year?
I believe that there are at least a few that take place in San Diego, which is nearby to where I live, so I may think primarily of those.

There will be another LocalU Advanced this September in Colorado (Denver area).
@Rich Owings - you should host one :cool: I want to host one in Toronto at some point.
@JoyHawkins -- Ooh, I'd love to. I've got lots of event organizing experience. And Asheville is on so many lists of places to visit. How do I start?

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