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Jun 28, 2012
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Phil knocks it out of the park again with a super helpful way to brainstorm with your clients to find meaningful & natural ways to get backlinks!

As usual Phil leaves no stone unturned and even offers a handy dandy questionnaire you can download and use with your own clients.

<a href="">The Best [BLEEP]in’ Local Link Questionnaire |</a>

Where are the opportunities for a business like yours to scrounge up some good links? Who knows enough about you and your business to know what ideas are practical and doable for you?

Look in the mirror.

Nobody knows your situation as you do...

Get the creative juices flowing with my link-digging questionnaire. You can use it in (at least) one of two ways:

- To get your creative juices flowing, as the business owner.

- To help your local SEO-er / “link person” dig up good opportunities that you can execute on.

This is seriously one of my favorite posts on building local backlinks because it really engages the client. And who knows better the connections and resources they have that could result in great links?
They just need a little help brainstorming and this is the ticket!

Thanks Phil!
Thanks, Linda!

I'd love your thoughts and others' on what questions I might be missing (probably a lot).

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