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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi All,

I have been asked a few people that sell SEO as part of a larger digital pakckage and refer clients to me. They don't know SEO that well, and they are in need of some kind of tool that would give them SOMETHING to talk about with the client other than saying "Well, I really like our SEO guy". I regulary scoff at so many of the pre-fab SEO reports that so many spammers and others send out that report on "This site has an H1" etc. . . yet, I feel like something like that is kind of needed, if only to have a discussion. Maybe even just showing them ranking in an easy way?

Does anyone use anything?
My preference would be SEMRush. In my opinion it does the most for the last amount of money, and is very intuitive to use and understand for those who might not be all that familiar with SEO.

You can get reports/metrics at the domain level (easiest to understand for non-seo folks) as well as keyword and page level metrics if particular questions arise.
Places Scout is wonderful for getting you leads and data to talk about.
I second Places Scout and Bright Local.

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