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Jun 28, 2012
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As most of you know for a long time Google didn't show local results (a 7 pack) for SEO and Local SEO keywords in most markets.

Google just didn't like us and we just didn't rank in Local. :eek:
(Actually I think she just wasn't sure that SEO queries had local intent.)

Well there is an algo change that was 1st reported by Colan in the thread below.

I've been discussing this algo change at Mike's and other places. So I've been doing a lot of rank checking. And due to a report in another thread here at the forum discovered City + Local SEO and even SEO City is pulling local results!

So ya something is up with the algo.

Significant G+ Local Ranking Shifts

I just did a bunch of searches for City Local SEO in different markets and am consistently seeing a pack now.

PS some that I've seen that rank are spammy whereas well known experts are not in the pack.

For example "SEO San Diego" reveals a spammy one box with a fake name

How about you? Pack in your area?

Are you ranking???
Very nice! I'm not seeing the pack for any marketing agency or SEO related searches for Toronto.
You aren't Scott?

Maybe I'm sitting on a test server and am the only one seeing this.

Cuz I checked Local SEO Atlanta and see a 2 pack but other cities I see a 3 - 7 pack from here in San Diego. But just changed location to Atlanta, still see the same 2 pack.
Yes, you're right! As usual :D. I am seeing the same 2 pack for Local SEO, but nothing for just SEO, which is how I searched earlier.
HI Linda,

I don't see what you are seeing here in San Diego. I see a 3 pack but not with the listing you are seeing or the one-box.
Weird cuz you are right in San Diego. Just checked and I still only see the one box, even though my location is set to Houston right now.

I may be sitting on a different server than you are.

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