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Nov 28, 2018
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I'll be completely honest, I only became aware of the Local Teaser SERP feature today!

My understanding is that they look a lot like Local Packs, but don't contain the same information, the most important (for SEO's at least) being they don't have website links.

From the very little research I've done - it looks like these might be more common on mobile SERPs than desktop, but I've only checked for a couple of sectors.

Has anyone any more evidence they could point me towards?

Many thanks,
Hey Nathan, do you have a screenshot?
Thanks Colan, sure thing.

For the search [plastic surgery near me] - not for me, for my friend ;-)

In Bristol (UK), on mobile (using SERPerator: Check Your Mobile Search Rankings)

In Bristol, on desktop (using Local Search Results Checker - View Google Search Results From Any Location)

I've never heard of these Local Teaser SERP features before, let alone seen one.

Just wondering if anyone else has seen these?

SEMrush report on Local Teasers as existing as a Local Pack feature (see attachment, I am tracking for Bristol on mobile), but can't provide ranking position data, because they don't include a website link (I think!).





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