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Sep 6, 2013
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I've been participating in this Twitter hashtag called #seochat where they cover one topic per 2 days or something like that.

I was wondering how many of you would be interested in having our very own hashtag for #localseochat where folks can just tweet a question, we can have a moderated 1-hour session once a week on some topic. It's a pretty neat format and non intrusive imho.
Hi Ashwin, sounds like a good idea. Let's see how many would be up for it?

I'll tweet it right now.

(And I'll just say I'm stretched pretty thin helping lots of folks different places so the idea would need lots of support and participation for me to carve out the time. PLUS you guys know how verbose I am. Hard for me to answer a question in a 160 char Tweet. :p)
160 characters would be tough. And to imagine that Twitter only gives you a lousy 140! :)

Touche. There's no way Linda could stop at 140... she'd keep going for the extra 20 (or 120) and wonder what happened to the rest of her sentence. :D

Like that ex-girlfriend who phones you at 2 am under the influence and wants to chat... and you put the phone down and go get a sandwich or a snack and come back 10 minutes later and she's still going, unaware that you even left. :D
Ya I tweet 140 characters all the time. But that's sharing news. To answer question I couldn't work with less than 160. So they would just have to expand my quota. And even then, like David said, I'd probably take 5 run-on tweets to get the full answer out.

And I wonder why my carpal hurts. :eek:

Plus now I kinda wonder about some of the girls David's been dating. :p

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