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I think it's time I consider a professional to polish up the GMB profile and keep Google happy with my placement. I don't know if its allowed and I am not wealthy right now, but I welcome any referrals.

I'll PM you with some recommendations.
Thank you @JoyHawkins

It's been a crazy year.

Please start the review appeal process.

For the official record, a long time ago, I did Flag each and every one of the reviews and sent them to Google.
I appreciate your help.
I feel honored!
You are very famous.

I was searching out ideas for "local landing pages" and your name popped up on Brightlocal dot com. I stumbled onto an article mentioning you regarding SEO on Search Engine Land and I think you are a regular contributor for that site. A Google tasks/ administrator role and also managing a business and writing books.
A person who is in demand!

You have done well, Joy!

To have taken the time to research and dig up the old deleted tweet? To have volunteered to represent me in finding closure from a traumatic incident that rapidly went viral?
I really appreciate the time spent with me. I am honored, lucky and blessed. Thank you, Joy.


Yes that makes sense.
I have thrown keywords out to directories and citations using both. I can see how a fragmented ranking can happen and I didn't consider that at the time.
There is just so much to learn.
Example: I'm having to babysit 2 domains now.
the http address which was 6yrs Weebly
the new https address which is Wordpress host
I never knew those would be considered separate.
http does now redirect, but obviously it's important enough I had to authenticate the https.

There is so much to learn.
I do find it interesting and fun.
Do I score 100% ? Nope.
I'd love to find a coach and pinch hitter when I need advice or assistance... but first things first.
I have to resolve the GMB issue.

I appreciate you Joshua.

I wouldn't expect keywords on listings to dilute your rankings. It's just for your website optimization really and that main GMB category. If you can get verified, I would still include "Locksmith" as a secondary category for GMB.

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