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Mar 21, 2024
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For the past 6 months or even a bit longer my LSA are going crazy from 12 call in one day to 0 calls for the following days and just basically the call volume goes up and down like crazy... do you guys experience similar issues? btw I have a plumbing business.
I've tried to get help from LSA customer service but they are in worst customer service in the world so I gave up
I'm attaching last month results for reference

Screenshot 2024-04-19 111425.jpg
Yes, this is common especially since Google rolled out the Rotation Update in September 2023 so now the leads are being spread amongst more businesses. So it could be your business gets a bunch of leads and then for a few days other businesses are highlighted above yours.

It could also have to do with your account spending close to your weekly budget so Google stops sending leads for a few days.

So yes this is common but it's not something I would worry about.
Also depends if you are maxing out on budget and trying to get as many calls as possible or you have a limited budget .
Are you using bidding or let google decide ?

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