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Nov 3, 2020
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I have a client who had an LSA profile just completely drop without any changes to their profile or budget, they only had one lead at the beginning of the month, here is the pattern since December 2022-03-24_22-48-30.

Their GMB is fine and not suspended, their map rankings are fine. It is not paused, no flags billing is fine. We saw a few of the other top competitors drop out of the rankings at the same time although one of them has recovered after adding an additional location. We also do not have any duplicate locations set up that you sometimes see for law firm + attorney profiles.

I have had other profiles in the PI space do this at times. Could it be potentially related to updates or specific rankings? One thing I have also noticed is that attorneys that do not even have a location in the area are ranking because they selected the whole state. Why would LSA show them over someone in the direct area? This happens consistently.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated, thank you!
Have you checked their "Not charged leads" to see if they've been missing calls over the past few months?

Usually, when I've seen a client's leads drop off like that it's because they suddenly missed a bunch of calls and get dinged for their poor responsiveness.

It could also be more completion entered the SERPs (new lawyers set up accounts), new competition opened offices/accounts closer in proximity to your client's targeted service areas, or competitors with lots more reviews are now targeting your client's targeted areas.

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