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Jun 28, 2012
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<img src="" alt="" title="Lynx" width="70" align="left" hspace="10" /> Back in September the Minnesota Lynx basketball team proudly announced on Twitter that their Google+ page was the 1st WNBA team page to be verified!

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet tw-align-center"><p>The Minnesota Lynx Google+ page has become the first WNBA team page to be verified! Circle <a href="">#loslynx</a> at: <a href="" title="http://******/MrROys">******/MrROys</a></p>? Minnesota Lynx (@minnesotalynx) <a href="" data-datetime="2012-09-25T22:10:38+00:00">September 25, 2012</a></blockquote>

They had over 30,000 followers and tons of posts.

Then on Sunday the Lynx verified Google+ page was DELETED.
All their content and 30,000 fans in their circles - GONE!

Google told them they would have to start over.

Quoting from a story over at MarketingLand.

Prominent WNBA Team Has Google+ Page Removed, Told To ?Start Over?

Clearly this puts a stain on Google+ and should give all marketers warning about which accounts ?own? each page. In a public post (a clearly aggravated) Stanke stated:

?We adopted early and what did we get in return??? Our page is now completely gone! And the advice is to ?start over?? All that time we spent with your awesome local marketing team here in Minneapolis is now a complete waste. Unacceptable on every level. You are one of the top technology companies in the world and you can?t restore our page? Even as reigning WNBA champions, we might not matter to you, but this action does make us strongly consider moving our entire organization?s social marketing efforts to other places and completely cut all ad spending we were going to do with Google.?

Head over to read the full story at MarketingLand

THE CAUTIONARY TALE - The problem it appears was due to the way the page was originally set up, the email account that was used, multiple owners of the page and lack of strategy/planning about how to transition if someone quits. (Don't set up in an individual account that would mean if they quit the page gets deleted) Go read and look at the screen shots, because there are important lessons to be learned about managing G+ pages. (Or how not to!)

So if you have NOT started down that road yet, of setting up a G+ page, think carefully about who will set it up AND in which account AND plan for the future so this does not happen to you!

THE GOOD NEWS??? The Lynx G+ Page is now back!
In all its glory, with all their posts and over 38,000 followers. :)

But if this happened to a business that was not a high profile case - if this happened to a small company like Jones & Sons Accounting or AllBright Dental, what do you think the chances are that Google support would be able to recover this deleted G+ page???


Dec 5, 2012
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hi guys i got the same problem with G+ page on one of my sites i nursing assistant niche i got like 2000 followers and after ,dont know i think like 5 mouth after getting this follower google delete my page ... i did not got many users on the page dont know what was the problem i still wait for a answear from google.... THIS DAYS GOOGLE SUCKS
Now i start a new page i got until now 5 followers will take some time until i got the same number again ..... hope they will not deleted this time to..
IF you have some sugestion so i can avoid deletion i will wait your answear thanks
Best Regards !

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