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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi All,

I'm having an issue with the main hospital listing getting filtered for local searches - and this obviously is causing some problems.

At issue is, the client reports that when you do a search in their immediate vicinity, the GMB for the hospital does not show up. Right now when you do the search in the area, the clinic (that is in the hospital) shows up, and the Emergency room shows up. T

he clinic is named "<brand name> clinic - City Name", and the emergency room is "Emergency room <Brand name> hospital". The hospital is named "<brand name> hospital>"

So side by side:
A. "brand name> Clinic -City name" (unique phone number)
B. "Emergency Room <brand name> hospital" (same phone number as C)
C. "<brand name> hospital" (same phone number as B)

When you search "<brand name> hospital" A&B show up, but not C.

To combat this - I linked C's website directly to the "<brand name> hospital" page on thie site, and the A&B to their directly relevant counterparts on the site too. The categories in GMB are all correct. I even removed the word hospital from the business description of the ER (though, I'm pretty sure that won't make a diff).

The only other solution I had was maybe linking the Hospital to the home page of the website - maybe that would give it more power?
Argh... this problem went away, and now it's back. If you search for the hospital, the clinic shows up.

steps I have taken:
1. Changed the website URL in GMB for both - changed the hospital to link to the home page (more powerful), while the clinic is linked to location page
2. Changed the pins on the map so that they are as far apart as possible
3. Changed the name of the clinic. It was <brand><Cityname> clinic. It is now <brand> clinic. Surprisingly it still beats the hospital for <brand><cityname> hospital. The name of the hospital is <brand><cityname> hospital.
4. Claimed a duplicate location for the hospital that had no address, website, or phone number. Had it deleted as a duplicate
5. Added "located in" to the clinic, so that it would show up as located in the Hosptial.

Not sure what else I can do here. It seems insane that the clinic shows up when I search for the hospital.

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