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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi all,

A question about a multi-location mental health clinic.

This particular clinic has 4 locations, 3 "outpatient" clinics, and 1 inpatient clinics. Frequently, ambulances take people to outpatient clinic because people search by "clinic name", and when they are far enough away (like 2 miles), google doesn't show all the locations, and only shows the nearest in the knowledge panel.

So, for certain branded searches, google isn't showing all clinic options, it is instead showing the knowledge panel for the closest. Ideally it would show all locations, and hopefully the ambulances could get people to the right places faster.

any suggestions about what to do? My initial idea is to label the outpatient clinic using the GMB name ("brand name" - outpatient clinic") which, even if it does show up, might help first responders figure out that maybe there is another place for ambulances to go.

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