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Feb 28, 2014
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Spammers have given most of the SEO industry a bad reputation IMHO, but today I am going to play the devil's advocate and see if we can make the case for saying thank you to the beloved spammers of the web.

As a result of low quality link builders and other search engine spammers, the following circumstances have resulted...

Creation of a New Industry Niche
There is an entire industry for link/penalty removal where there are millions of dollars now flowing. Many people have jobs in the industry directly as a result of this.

More Business Owners Hiring Out SEO
Google has created algorithms specifically to deal with web spam. The consequences of these updates have had both +/- effects... one of which is that SEO stories have made it to the front page of the Wall Street Journal, increasing overall awareness that there is a search engine optimization industry that can help business owners. This has pushed more business owners to look at their SEO and hire agencies to take care of this.

Charging More Money for Services
The net result of the algorithmic changes being made is that it is just not as easy to "manually" get a website to rank #1. Due to this and the nature of services that we now provide, overall I think that we are able to more easily charge more money for quality services. The difference between high quality and low quality services is much easier to demonstrate to business owners, and much more obvious as to why they should pay $3k/month instead of $250/month.

So, today and today only, I'd like to say thank you to the spammers of the world. Don't worry, tomorrow I'll be back to hating you with a full fledged irrational passion that you would usually only find in a debate club full of steroid users.
Too funny and oh so true Mark!

Spammers are easy to hate and make it harder for the honest business owner.

But you are right, they help keep us in business too!

I still hate 'em like you said for today only, gotta luv 'em! :p

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