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Aug 7, 2013
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Thanks to Amanda over at Sim Partners for this post.

How Do Millennials Affect Local Marketing in Healthcare?

Millennials have been described as the new ?boom? in healthcare marketing. Born between roughly 1982 and 2003, millennials number 80 million, and as they reach the age where they are responsible for finding their own medical care, they are attracting the attention of marketers. A recently released Makovsky Health report indicates that millennials are more comfortable using digital to manage their healthcare needs than other age cohorts. I believe that from a local search perspective, marketers should pay close attention to how millennials use digital ? but do so carefully and without making blanket assumptions.

By Amanda Bury
I'm not currently aware of any Millennials who go beyond hopping on their parent's insurance. In fact, I didn't find any Millennials in my asking that even read the Affordable Heath Care Act but thought it was a great idea.

Who do I see being more selective and looking online, etc?

35-45 year olds who realize the company health care policy is expensive and doesn't cover much. Those are the ones who are computer savvy, have money and use the Internet.

These 1983 kids... most of them are covered until age 26 anyway so why bother looking?

I really don't see many people in that age bracket even caring about health care other than what organic/natural mumbo jumbo they eat. Much more saavy about food and food sourcing than the age groups mentioned above.

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