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Apr 10, 2013
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Hi Forum!

On March 9th I had a map pack drop off Google's top results on a local paycheck term. The structure of the phrase is "service name + city name". The "A" placement is now showing first (a competitor of course), however all of the others have been replaced with organic results.

My assumption is Google saw little value in the Local Places outside of the "A" result thus dropping all other map listings. My question is two-fold:
1. Has anyone experienced anything similar?
2. Is it common for the maps to dance around a lot or was this possibly a filter that was published at the beginning of March? IF this is the case, I was planning on building 5,000 links with the keyword pointed to my home page, good idea? (not serious)

Hi Aaron,

Are you able to share a screenshot or the keyword that you are searching? Any details will help us get you the best possible advice.

Hey Colan,

Screenshot attached.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 12.18.00 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 12.18.00 PM.jpg
Thanks for the screenshot Aaron.

It's hard to say exactly what Google uses to determine if it will show local results for a search term and yes, there can be some flip flopping between showing local results one day and not showing the next day.

My guess is that it's not a highly searched phrase or there isn't a ton of competition.
Hi Aaron,
I am from your side of town. I have seen this behavior with a few clients. What you see is a search that is not pulling local results. What you see is the Local Knowledge Graph. You aren't seeing a local listing on the map like you would in a 7 pack.

The race has turned organic for now. Who is to say it will go back to a 7 pack at some point but for now you are seeing the local knowledge graph. I have had search terms do the same behavior and they have stayed out of local and still produce the local knowledge graph.

Thanks Marie!

I appreciate the feedback, we are working hard on getting the organic rankings back up. Unfortunately, this particular site took a hit with Penguin and really hasn't recovered. We'll continue to make the necessary steps to move higher up on the organics for the home page and subpages. This just goes to show you can't rely on a map listing for traffic but really need multiple listings on each paycheck serp.
Hi Aaron,

Make sure your on page SEO is 100%. San Antonio isn't as competitive as it's sister city Austin so you have a really good chance of beating them in the organic game. If you have any questions pm me. I am always curious about recovering sites and watching their progress. Good luck!
Thanks Marie!

We created an interior page targeting the specific key phrase and I'm excited to see how it rebounds. It's been a crazy ride, our link profile is better than everyone above us according to Majestic and OSE but Google isn't agreeing with them just yet.
Let me know how it turns out! If you aren't able to move to the top let me know. Good luck!

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