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Aug 7, 2013
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Some nice insight on how people are making decisions based on positive and negative reviews.

<a href="">Do Positive Reviews Motivate Consumers? | Understanding Google Places & Local Search</a>

It seems intuitive that a negative review corpus would severely limit a business’s online opportunities. And likewise that a positive review corpus would expand them. But these recent surveys indicate that a negative collection of reviews is much more likely to harm a business than positive reviews are going to help them.
In an effort to assist a client in quantifying the value of reviews and to help them better understand exactly what it would mean to a local business if they had negative or positive reviews, we conducted several large scale consumer surveys of 2500 US adult internet users 25 and older asking them whether they would be likely to choose or not choose a business with negative or positive review corpus.

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Thanks SO much Justin for helping me scoop news, you are a big help especially when I'm too sick to keep up with all the latest posts out there!

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