Linda Buquet

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Jun 28, 2012
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Mike Blumenthal just started a great Google My Business Upgrades Wish List.

I just added feedback, but just woke up and my brain isn't on yet. I may have more once I think about it.

Google management and engineers read Mike's blog, so head over and make your feature requests. (They read here too though so also feel free to discuss below.)

<a href="">Google My Business – Let’s Not Stop Here – My Wish List for Upgrades</a>
Understanding Google Places & Local Search

Google’s recent My Business rollout puts a very strong product in the hands of the SMB – mobile social posting to business pages, additional social analytics, easy to update local information. It finally solves most of the issues that have haunted Local since 2011. If it isn’t obvious I think it is a well done, forward facing product with legs. And one that, unbeknownst to many, was one of modern computing’s most amazing technical pivots (but that is a tale for another day).

Obviously Google is allocating significant resources to My Business. Given a taste of what it can be I now want more (ah the curse of rsing expectations). There are still a few things that need to be fixed and some features that I would love to see added sooner rather than later.

What's hot on your list of most-wanted new features?

FYI ALL - I started a new hashtag for #googlemybusiness related tips and news so you can find all new info on the topic in one place.


Jul 22, 2012
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One of my favorite upgrades with the new dashboard is the upgraded reporting metrics. Its great to see the clicks to website and driving directions displayed alongside the breakdown of what views your listing gets.

My wishlist would be for them to add click - to calls. From a mobile device you can click to call a business through the Google listing, if they displayed that information, it would be so great. It would really demonstrate the value of their product and discourage companies from using call tracking numbers

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Yep true Michael, there are more metrics and less.

The keyword metrics are gone so that's a downside.
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