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Dec 15, 2020
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Hi All,

We have recently taken on a car detailing client and their GBP is listed with their business name cliq detailing and paint protections, but their domain name is Does anyone think this mismatching of names will be negatively affecting their local SEO ranking, and would it be best to recommend changing their domain name to be the same as their GBP or something closer with their business name in it?

In the long run I think it would be best if they were the same, but they are currently getting traffic and receiving 3 – 4 form conversions each week, so I am hesitant to suggest making any changes straight away because I don’t want their traffic to tank, our client did mention they have been struggling to rank locally.

Thanks in advance
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I don't think the mismatch would be having a negative impact in and of itself.

As long as their name is consistently reflected on the website itself as well as any other important business directories, licenses etc, you'll be alright.
Hi Colan,
Thanks for your reply, it's super helpful, would you recommend he change his domain name to match his business name at some point, or do you think that would be unnecessary at this point with it being like this for the last few years?

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