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Jul 27, 2012
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Not sure where to post this, but after Verifying our G+ local page, we're not able to get the Introduction edits to appear in Public.

Google says it should take a few days, otherwise they've been rejected. After 2-3 weeks we removed pretty much everything and all formatting except for some generic plain text.

Still nothing.

Has anyone been able to edit the Introduction on a verified page and see it live in Public view?
Re: Update Times for Google Places Data Edits


I've not seen any merged pages that show an intro. On my merged G+ Local page I have an intro when I am logged in looking at my profile but it has never showed live either.

My assumption has been that the Places dashboard data overwrites the G+ intro data.

INTERESTING THOUGH... I just went to check some other merged listings to see if I could find any intros AND now it appears many have missing descriptions altogether. Are some of your merged listings also missing descriptions?

Kinda bare looking out there with only one cat and no description!
Keenan posted the above Q in a different thread yesterday. But I wanted to move the question to it's own thread.

Also wanted to ask if anyone that has a MERGED page is missing their Places description???

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